Marcey Robinson


Registered Dietitian / Diabetes Educator / Sports Nutrition & Exercise Physiologist        

"What you eat does matter and has powerful impacts on your health, fitness and sport performance.   My two favorite food philosophies: Food as Medicine & Food as Fuel".

I have a Bachelor degree in Human Nutrition, a Master of Science in Advanced Metabolism and Exercise Physiology, I’m a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, and a Diabetes Educator with Board Certification in Advanced Diabetes Management.  In short, it has been my career as well as my passion to promote nutrition and exercise as the powerful tools that they are.

Throughout my career I’ve worked in a variety of settings (hospital, college campus, nationally recognized diabetes center, outpatient clinic, physician’s office) and embraced technology working virtually with clients around the world.  I’ve been a speaker at national conferences, held classes for local clubs, instructed continuing education seminars, and staffed training camps.  These experiences have allowed me to meet amazing people, be inspired, expand my application of nutrition and more fully realize how uneducated both the general population and healthcare community are in regards to using nutrition/food as a tool for optimal health.  

My approach is to work individually with each patient/client to help them achieve their goals.  My knowledge and counseling specialties include nutrition for the prevention and treatment of disease, weight loss, digestion/metabolism, disordered eating, diabetes management, meal planning for energy and nutrition for sport performance.  

Whether you are an accomplished athlete looking for an edge or a weekend warrior looking for improved strength, come and let me help you understand sports nutrition and the science of exercise.  If you are frustrated with your energy level, your body/weight, experience chronic issues with poor digestion or overall health status; don’t continue to suffer alone, let me help you devise a nutrition plan and support you along the way.  If you are a migraine sufferer looking for relief or have diabetes and find yourself lacking support because you feel you know more than your doctor, ... look no further!  Let me help you by giving you the knowledge and support you need to ACHIEVE Health & Performance.

Katie ElliotT

MS/RD, USA Triathlon Coach

Registered Dietitian / Sports Nutrition / Nutrition Counseling / Exercise Testing        


Katie Elliott holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Fine Arts from Davidson College. She completed her Didactic Program in Dietetics and Masters Degree in Nutrition and Health Promotion at Boston’s Simmons College. Katie received her RD credential through Sodexo Dietetic Internships with rotations in critical care, inpatient nutrition counseling and worksite wellness, and completed an intensive in sports nutrition at Achieve Health & Performance in Basalt, CO.  

Prior to pursuing a career in nutrition, Katie worked for over 10 years as an account manager and wellness program director in the senior living sector.  Sports have been a long-time passion for Katie.  She attended IMG academies as a junior tennis player and played Division I tennis at Davidson College. Upon graduation, Katie competed in her first triathlon, and in her first year of competition qualified for the world championships in Olympic Distance Triathlon, competing for Team USA in Lausanne, Switzerland.  Since 2004, Katie has won numerous overall amateur titles, has been on 6 world championship teams, has finished 2nd at two national championships and has finished as high as 6th in the world in her age group. In addition, Katie earned her USA Triathlon Coaching Certification and has coached several athletes to podium finishes. Most recently, Katie won the 2017 Tour of New Zealand Stage Race. Katie’s knowledge and counseling specialties include sports nutrition, nutrition for prevention and treatment of disease, weight loss, nutrition for IBS and celiac disease, worksite wellness initiatives and programs, vegetarian nutrition, nutrition for college students and nutrition for management of PCOS.

The making of ACHIEVE


ACHIEVE Health & Performance is the culmination of Marcey Robinson's expertise and passion and Dr. David Borcher's belief in the value of nutrition as an important component of health. 

In 2011, Marcey and David collaborated to create ACHIEVE to offer comprehensive services to help clients achieve their optimum health and exercise performance.  In 2017, ACHIEVE expanded and Katie Elliott MS, RD, USA Triathalon Coach joined the staff.

All services are provided by Marcey and Katie and you do not need to be a patient of Dr. Borchers in order to schedule an appointment.  In fact, care coordination with your current health care team is encouraged.