If you are a headache or migraine sufferer, than you know that the key is in prevention rather than battling an attack after it’s started down its destructive path.  However, did you know that what you eat can act like a strong first line of defense?  A large number of headaches can be influenced by what/how you currently eat (and also from what you don't eat).  There are Power Foods that can trigger soothing brain chemicals, promote overall well-being and stop migraine headaches in their tracks.

In partnership with Roaring Fork Neurology and the Valley Headache Center Treatment Program, I am pleased to offer nutrition services to headache & migraine sufferers.  Dr. Brooke Allen believes Nutrition to be such an important strategy in headache/migraine management, that we now offer monthly classes.  Join me from 4-5 pm on the last Wednesday of the month at the Roaring Fork Neurology Clinic.  Pre-registration is required, please call 970-927-1141.

Come and learn:

  • Which Power Foods are best in combating migraines/ headaches.
  • Understanding Trigger Foods and identifying yours.
  • Refining your diet for health and increased energy.
  • Practical tools to modify your diet for migraine/headache prevention.

In addition to classes, 1:1 consultations are available to address individual needs and enhance class information.  

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