Sports Nutrition Services

Calling ALL Athletes… Be Stronger, Get Faster!

Do you exercise for the purpose of increasing strength, endurance or sport performance?  Regardless of your age or current ability, if you answered yes, you are an athlete.  Whether you consider yourself professional, recreational or simply a weekend warrior, you already know the benefits of exercise.

However, do you struggle with…

  • “Bonking” during longer workouts

  • Loss of strength & power

  • Chronic fatigue despite adequate rest

  • Slow recovery from workouts

  • Difficulty in losing extra pounds

  • Knowing what to eat before, during and after your exercise session

  • Poor race performance

  • Confusion regarding supplements

Many athletes underestimate the importance of nutrition and struggle with achieving optimal exercise performance.  Sports Nutrition Services include individual counseling sessions and exercise testing designed to help you get the most out of your workouts.  Make an appointment today.


Performance Testing,



  • Weight loss enthusiasts

  • Beginning exercisers

  • Recreational athletes

  • Serious athletes

  • Elite athletes

  • ANYBODY interested in improving their health


Performance testing will determine your current fitness status and provide accurate, reliable information to assist you in improving your athletic performance.  You will receive objective data along with personalized analysis to help you eliminate haphazard efforts, prevent over-training, set and achieve your personal fitness goals and get even more benefits out of each exercise session.