Sports Nutrition and Performance Exercise Testing



  • “Bonking” during longer workouts
  • Loss of strength & power
  • Chronic fatigue despite adequate rest
  • Slow recovery from workouts
  • Difficulty in losing extra pounds
  • Knowing what to eat before, during and after your exercise session
  • Poor race performance
  • Confusion regarding supplements

Many athletes underestimate the importance of nutrition or struggle with applying general guidelines to their own unique needs.  Additionally, many recreational exercisers mistakenly look to poorly researched magazine articles and online sites that often provide misleading and unreliable information.   Let me help you sort through misconceptions and apply Sports Nutrition principles that will lead to an individualized nutrition plan for a high quality training diet and race fueling strategies with proven results.  Especially if you are trying to lean up/drop weight for your sport; avoid the frustration and achieve the outcome you desire without sabotaging your training or risking poor performance.

Sports Nutrition Services include individual counseling sessions and exercise testing designed to help you get the most out of your workouts and achieve your exercise goals.  Exercise physiologists are famous for saying "Train Smarter, not Harder" which works for some but I like to say: "If you want to train hard, it's important you train smart!"  It's about using the science of exercise to improve performance, maximize your training and reduce your risk of injury; have you done your Exercise Testing lately?

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Working with Marcey has helped me take my competition to the next level. Last year I had my best season ever, thanks in large part to Marcey, who taught me to fuel properly during training as well as before, during and after races. Along with a nutrition plan, Marcey and I did some thorough exercise testing, which helped me maximize my output and better understand my capacity. Thanks!
— Sari


Have you ever been tempted to see what your VO2Max is?

VO2 Max is the best indicator of exercise potential and is a measure of how many milliliters of oxygen are transported to each kilogram of your body weight per minute at your exercise maximum (ml/kg/min).  The higher your VO2 max, the greater your potential for endurance performance.  The world record is 75 for a female and 96 ml/kg/min for a male (both were xc skiers) other notables include Greg LeMond = 92 ml/kg/min and Miguel Indurain = 88 ml/kg/min.  

In addition to maximal exercise testing, submaximal testing provides assessment of your lactate/ventilatory/anaerobic threshold which is key to determining power.  Unlike VO2Max, this threshold is highly trainable and can be greatly influenced by your exercise program.  Submax testing allows for the accurate identification of training zones and provides important data as to the type of fuels you burn at different exercise intensities.  

Although testing can be done in the field or estimated with formulas, it is much more accurate when performed in an exercise lab where variables can be controlled and individualized factors can be accounted for.  I am happy to be able to offer these services with a state-of-the art metabolic cart to assure the most accurate results.

These assessments of aerobic fitness and anaerobic power can be of great benefit to athletes of all levels. Performance testing will determine your current fitness status and provide accurate, reliable information to assist you in improving your athletic performance.  You will receive objective data along with personalized analysis to help you eliminate haphazard efforts, prevent over-training, set and achieve your personal fitness goals and get even more benefits out of each exercise session.  It also can be invaluable to coaches who are planning specific and individualized training programs since relying on prediction tables and estimations often result in only mediocre results.


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