Nutrition for Weight Loss

Achieving a healthy weight is beneficial for a great many reasons (vanity, disease prevention, insurance discounts, greater agility, sport performance, increased comfort in your airline seat….etc.).  However, there is no side-stepping the fact that losing weight is HARD, especially when you are trying to do it on your own.  Maybe the truth is that you have tried and even succeeded many times, only to find out that keeping weight off is even more difficult.  There are many books and internet websites who may offer help, however, often times it is not tailored to your needs.  That is why I believe the only way to permanent weight loss is starting with accurate metabolic data and a complete nutrition/fitness assessment in order to create a comprehensive individualized plan for weight loss success.  


  • Initial consultation including a complete nutrition & fitness assessment

  • Complete Metabolic Efficiency analysis using a state-of-the-art metabolic cart to identify potential metabolic irregularities                                                                                      (highly accurate and individualized compared to general calculations)

  • Full medical review and lab draw if necessary

  • Body fat analysis (identifying and assuring fat loss vs. lean tissue/muscle)

  • Initiation of an individualized weight loss plan

  • Regular follow-up

In many cases, weight loss services may be covered by your insurance plan when provided by a credentialed dietitian. 

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