• Cope with your disease and lessen the stress of daily diabetes management
  • Decrease your risk for diabetic complications
  • Learn how to eat for blood sugar control WITHOUT giving up all your favorite foods
  • Lose weight and decrease your reliance on medications
  • Reach your exercise goals without fear of “lows” or “highs”
  • Improve/maximize your understanding of Pump Therapy and the benefits of Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)
  • Fine tune your insulin regimen
  • Talk with someone who really “gets it” ( Diabetes)
I attended one of Marcey’s seminars and I didn’t know that she didn’t have diabetes until late in her talk when she actually informed the room. I was so surprised because I had never met anyone who “gets it” like she does and can offer real help and understanding. I have had diabetes for >30 yrs and learned more during her 1 hr talk then in the last 20 years going to my regular follow-up with my Endo. Thank You!!
— Anonymous


Whether you have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, you’re new to your diagnosis or have been dealing with it for years; it’s easy to get overwhelmed with day-to-day diabetes management.  It can also be frustrating when you feel like you know more about diabetes then your physician and feel like you don’t have anyone who understands or can help.  However, you don’t need to struggle alone or travel to a big city for expert care.  I can help you create a team (you, your physician and me the certified diabetes educator), to develop a comprehensive individualized plan of care that will assure optimal diabetes health and wellness.  Your plan will include regular health check-ups and individual consultation to meet your specific needs.  Let me help you make diabetes management easier.


Regular physical activity offers the benefits of health, longevity, and improved quality of life, especially for people with Diabetes.  However, understanding the intricacies of blood sugar control and exercise can be difficult and often leads to avoiding it all together.  Even if you have great support from your health care team or have years of experience with Diabetes, the complex interplay of variables that can contribute to high/low blood sugars while working out can be overwhelming.   It is my unique background in sports nutrition, exercise physiology and diabetes management that allows me to provide much needed assistance.  Whether you are trying to manage your blood sugars while in the gym, doing yoga, running, hiking outdoors, participating in sports or while training/racing in extreme endurance events; I can help you put together a completely individualized plan that will turn FRUSTRATION into FREEDOM to enjoy exercise with both blood sugar control and improved performance.

"Marcey Robinson has helped me tremendously as I trained for Ironman Arizona.  As an athlete with type 1 diabetes, I sought her help with fueling, nutrition, and insulin dosing during long training sessions and races.  Marcey has taught me to fuel far more effectively than I was doing previously and how to manage both my basal and bolus doses of insulin - the result has been that I have increased power while swimming, biking and running!  In addition to being "spot on" in identifying changes I needed to make regarding managing my diabetes, Marcey is accessible, provides great follow up, and easy to talk to.  I highly recommend reaching out to her."

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Diabetes Management Services provided in my office are typically covered by insurance and can be billed directly as Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT).  For benefit information, you are encouraged to call your insurance provider to check your specific plan coverage and costs (provide them with billing codes 97802/97803).

If you don't live near my office, no problem!  Diabetes consulting can be provided remotely via phone with the help of fax and e-mail.  Clients find this mode of delivery extremely convenient and enjoy the benefit of not having to leave the house.  Unfortunately, these services are not billable to insurance and are offered as fee-for-service with a 40% cash pay discount.


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