Scientists have known for centuries that a healthy diet and active lifestyle are cornerstones to optimal health; however, there is a large gap between what we know and what we do.  Often times this is due to lack of support or understanding of how to apply all the nutrition information that is given in the media today.  

Whether you are trying to lose weight, increase energy, prevent disease, manage chronic illness, improve digestion/metabolism, boost your immunity or delay the effects of aging, you will benefit from learning essential techniques and tools to overcome your struggles.  Whatever your motivation, nutrition therapy is completely individualized to assist you in meeting your personal nutrition goals.  Find a Program…



Do you exercise for the purpose of increasing strength, endurance or sport performance?  Regardless of your age or current ability, if you answered yes, you are an athlete.

Many athletes underestimate the importance of nutrition and struggle with achieving optimal exercise performance. Sports Nutrition Services include individual counseling sessions and Performance Exercise Testing designed to help you get the most out of your workouts.  Why do exercise testing? –  You will obtain objective data along with personalized analysis to help you eliminate haphazard efforts, prevent over-training, set and achieve your personal fitness goals and get even more benefits out of each exercise session.


Marcey Robinson 


With a Bachelor degree in Human Nutrition, a Master of Science in Advanced Metabolism and Exercise Physiology and over 16 years coaching and counseling, Marcey understands the importance of nutrition and exercise as a powerful tool for health.

It is her passion, unique skill set, and her extraordinary ability to translate complex science into practical solutions that have allowed her to help countless people ACHIEVE optimal health, fitness and sport performance. Read More...


Katie ElliotT 

MS/RD, USA Triathlon Coach

Katie Elliott holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Fine Arts from Davidson College. She completed her Didactic Program in Dietetics and Masters Degree in Nutrition and Health Promotion at Boston’s Simmons College. Katie received her RD credential through Sodexo Dietetic Internships with rotations in critical care, inpatient nutrition counseling and worksite wellness, and completed an intensive in sports nutrition at Achieve Health & Performance in Basalt, CO.  Prior to pursuing a career in nutrition, Katie worked for over 10 years as an account manager and wellness program director in the senior living sector.  Sports have been a long-time passion for Katie.  She attended IMG academies as a junior tennis player, played Division I tennis at Davidson College, has been on 6 world championship triathlon/duathlon teams and is a certified USA Triathlon Coach. Read More...

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Marcey Robinson & Dr. David Borchers

Marcey Robinson & Dr. David Borchers

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